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Any DAR member age 18 through 35 (until her 36th birthday) is a Junior Member. Outstanding Junior 2012She holds full membership in the National Society, state society, and chapter.  When qualified she may serve as an officer and chairman at any level. She is automatically a member of the National Junior Membership Committee, may purchase a Junior pin from  Hamilton Jewelers to wear on the official DAR ribbon, and may serve as a page at national and state events.


Juniors at State ConferenceThe Colorado State Society prizes itself on its many active Junior Members at all levels of the society. The goals of the National Junior Membership Committee are:


• To gain new Junior Members

• To build a well-informed Junior membership
   • To encourage active participation in all phases of
     DAR service

• To support the National Junior Membership Committee's official fundraising 
     project, the Helen Pouch Memorial Fund, which provides medical aid, general
     financial assistance, and scholarships to our DAR schools.

2014 State Outstanding Junior

The Smoky Hill Trail NSDAR Juniors The Smoky Hill Trail NSDAR Juniors are dedicated to making a difference in their community along with creating lasting friendships. The recent year has brought many ideas, events, and plans to help form a wonderful membership and encourage involvement. Juniors began hosting a quarterly tea to discuss ideas for upcoming events and to socialize with their fellow Juniors. Smoky Hill NSDAR Juniors will hike trails, enjoy plays, volunteer in community holiday events, plan fundraisers, and actively participate in community projects. Smoky Hill Trail NSDAR Gala
The Juniors from the Smoky Hill Trail Chapter NSDAR are proud to announce plans to host the bi-annual Smoky Hill Trail NSDAR Gala. The Gala is a charity event to raise funds for the Helen Pouch Foundation*. For more information please contact our Junior Membership chapter chairman. Jr Fundraiser


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